We’re here to make dinner an experience again. Fun. Unique. Something to remember.

Eating has always been more than just about the food. But bland atmospheres and dishes plated ‘to spec’ have become far too common.

Let’s change that. The Chef’s Table is a lively & immersive way to enjoy a delicious dinner. Hosted by Fran & Jack, you’ll learn, connect, and enjoy a night out that’s unique every single time!


Over 3 hours you menu will be demonstrated & cooked right in front of you.

You’ll learn about the ingredients and techniques behind your dishes.  See behind the scenes of a professional kitchen.  And enjoy a stunning evening of delicious food! 

Immersive, interactive & lively, with sensational dishes – this is what dinner out should be like!


Ciao! I’m an Italian chef from the beautiful island of Sardinia.

My love and passion for food started from an early age. I was surrounded by a family of farmers and fishermen and of course, Mamma Maria and Zia Anna, who taught me the beauty and simplicity of Italian cuisine.

I’ve worked as a chef for 10 years in Italy, Australia and London and in 2016 I opened my own small Sardinia restaurant in Brisbane. As a Teacher Chef, I’ve worked for some of the top cookery schools in London including Head Teacher Chef at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School (after Jack!)

When I’m not at The Chef’s Table you can find me on Our Cooking Journey.


I love love eating.  I love cooking.  And more than anything, I love creating experiences with people, through food.

My career has been grounded in this.  I used to be Head Chef & Teacher of Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School.

I’ve led food initiatives such as Cook With Jack and Keep Cooking Daily 

And now, alongside The Chef’s Table, I’m running Cookable!  It’s there to teach the nation to cook with real, live teaching – completely for free!